Select the preferred design, define your models and APIs.



Visualize settings and confirm. The whole process takes less than 1 minute.


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The code is provided as a ZIP archive and also uploaded on GitHub.

Generate boilerplate code on top of Django

How it Works

The Django Generator collects the input (design, models, extended user definition) and uploads the source code automatically on GitHub (public repository).

We provide pixel-perfect kits and designs crafted by well-known agencies like Creative-Tim, CodedThemes, and others.

The project supports DB Models customization, Authentication, Docker, and CI/CD flow.

Once the configuration is done, the platform provides the code (ZIP archive) in just a few minutes.

The sources are automatically uploaded to GitHub for future reference and support.

The generated product can be deployed LIVE on AWS, DigitalOcean, and Azure with ease - Read DOCS.

Speed up your Development

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The service is crafted by experienced programmers and automation engineers based on a 2years+ of hard work and research.

Used by 373 Developers

969 Generated Apps

No vendor lock. Once the code is generated, you can download the sources, and add more features.



10 Generated Apps
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Export to GitHub
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Dedicated Support (Email)
CI/CD Scripts (Render)
LIVE Deployment Assistance

$29 / month

Unlimited Apps
Download Code (ZIP)
Export to GitHub
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CI/CD Scripts (Render)
Deployment Assistance
Custom Development

$59 / hour

Premium Support
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